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Finding Balance

with Tina Haladay




Weekly Hatha Flow Yoga Classes

All classes have been suspended until our current health crisis shifts.

Please feel free to contact me for any

questions, or to schedule one on one sessions or

small group classes if you are interested.

May we all use this unique opportunity to slow down, 

to quiet the mind, to re-evaluate our 

priorities and expectations.

May we find peace

and balance.


Private one-on-one Sessions: 

Enjoy the benefits of a CONSISTENT YOGA PRACTICE that fits your own unique needs, with gentle hands-on instruction and modifications of poses to help you connect more with YOUR OWN BODY, MIND & SPIRIT.  

 ** 60 minute session: $45- $55 sliding scale

    ** 90 minute session: $65                       

These sessions can take place in a quiet studio space here in town

 or in the privacy of your own home.


Workplace & Corporate Yoga:

Bring Yoga into your workplace for Increased Health, Productivity and Mood.

Studies have shown that employees who exercise during lunch hour said their

time management skills, mental performance and ability to meet deadlines

improved on those days. 

Yoga is literally a moving meditation.

 It gives employees time to clear the head and

come back with a new, fresh perspective.

Tina 785-393-6754

or email




-- We took private Yoga lessons for two from Tina. I had more experience than my partner, and Tina was able to tailor the classes so that they were rewarding for both of us. Every session had a focus and a flow, and each built from the previous. I highly recommend Tina's Yoga skills.    PHIL

-- Tina is a grounded and sensitive teacher. She is confident and leads the class with an intuitive awareness of each student as well as an awareness of the class as a whole. She has a kind and caring spirit and I always leave feeling like I have been challenged, changed and encouraged!       LANA

-- This practice greatly improved my overall wellness and provided me with resources to enable me to practice alone throughout my week. After a number of years of solitary yoga, Tina lifted me off of the plateau to higher ground. Tina's leadership has provided me with just the right levels of challenges for growth in flexibility, in strength and in mindfulness.   RICH

-- I love Tina's teaching style! I have studied with many teachers and on my own and I find Tina's approach to be the perfect balance of challenge and nurturing. She guides by modeling several levels of the pose and allowing students to self regulate, encouraging us to listen to our own bodies. I like the way she emphasizes turning in and hearing your own voice rather than trying to make the pose look perfect. Her sessions are so calming and inspirational.      LILLY


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